FLORIDA 36th State to Legalize Gay Marraige

Last year I had the honor of photographing two gay marriages, Jenna & Betsy and Manny & Mo.  I absolutely loved photographing both of these weddings!  Of course, the fact that all four of these ladies are beautiful, fun, and down to earth is what made the whole experience a pleasure. 

It is crazy to think that just over 10 years ago neither of these two couples could have exercised this civil right, a right that is so deeply rooted in our hearts and identity.  Thankfully, progressive states have taken the lead and others are following (FL legalized gay marriage yesterday - Jan 6th, 2015, becoming the 36th state).


I hope to have the honor of photographing several more gay marriages in 2015, maybe even one in FLA during its inaugural legal year.

Ashley and Andy - Harkness State Park Eolia Mansion Wedding

Kristin and Joe - Saybrook Point Inn Wedding

Catie and Jeff - Madison, CT Wedding - Westbrook Elks